A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Aurora Fall follows the insignificant moments surrounding the story of Adrian and a disaster that forever changes the world.

This title is an original ATP Projects release, published 2015-02-28. The photography, writing, composition, production and direction was done by mikey. The character art and all other 2D and 3D art was done by DaFool. Editing was done by Xyllirium. The title uses the Ren'Py engine modified by PyTom, and additional programming was done by denzil. The audio was done by Jo'ogn and the music was composed by Renesis. Estimated completion time is 1,5 hours

Aurora Fall is game Nr. 22 of the Original 22.

Recommended for mature audiences 17 years and older.


Map Fix (overwrite file) 620 kB